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About the Artist

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Mobsolete is the creative pseudonym for Houston based artist Mark Williamson. Mobsolete creates posters, shirts, skateboards, and NFTs for collectors and clients around the world. In 2021, he began creating NFTs and participating in the Web3 space. You can find Mobsolete's NFT artwork on OpenSea, and Objkt.

In 2022 Mobsolete became a featured artist for Cheech and Chong's Homies In Dreamland NFT project creating airdrop posters for holders.
Mobsolete also collaborated with Ralph Steadman's "Steadmanverse" NFT project.

Other collections where Mobsolete is featured: Daniel Crossan's TABS, Wooden Cyclops’ Skinned Alive, olive47's Mushroom People, and Joe Bradley's Double Pops...

In 2022 Mobsolete first created Psychedelic Swamp Squad and spent the entire year illustrating the characters and traits for the project. 

Mobsolete NFTs

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