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The Legend of the Psychedelic Swamp

Legend has it that The Psychedelic Swamp is where the city of Mobville dumps their psychedelic nuclear waste. Authorities say to never enter the swamp without appropriate safety measures.

One day a group of rebellious adolescents who are in the search for the legendary Psychedelic Swamp, stumble their way into the forbidden shores. A swarm of mosquitoes birthed from the depth bit and infected the trespassing swamp dwellers. Now the squad roams the earth infected with the slurry psychedelic swamp slime that courses through their veins, mutating them further into trippy cryptid creatures.

Join the Psychedelic Swamp Squad to follow along in their psychedelic adventures through time!


Mystery Characters

Within the Psychedelic Swamp Squad there are special characters that draw unique powers. Collect them all to win unique prizes! 


Collect them All!

Collect all the different types of characters to win unique prizes and art claims! 


The Story Is Just Beginning

Follow along for the story of The Squad! Mobsolete will enlist the help of his friends to tell the story! 

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